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“Take care of the sense and the sounds will take care of themselves”


Herewith_01 is a sound/movement performance that forms around a text score composition involving a body and two stringed instrument players in space. The score is giving guidelines to the 3 performers, by assuming a guided interaction within the sound environment. 

Exploring childhood traumas, social and behavioral norms, family dynamics, miscommunication and misunderstanding through a sonic space that includes audio autobiography, poetry and field recordings, this piece is devised as a physical process towards healing. 

And if healing is very much approached through communication, then body performance and sound composition are the vehicles of this particular communication.


Performed by 

Georgia Pazarloglou 

Jamie Turner

Anna Vaughan


Devised and composed by Georgia Pazarloglou


Based on writings and poetry by 

Iliadis Paris

Claudia Rankine

Dorianne Laux

Georgia Pazarloglou


With the voices of

Emily Penfold

Abbie Sheriff

Katherine Dilillo 


Multichannel sound configuration

Giulio Dal Lago

Georgia Pazarloglou


Sound Operation

Giulio Dal Lago


Part of the MA PDP Final Shows 2018

Central Saint Martins, UAL

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